Client: Ritchies


ITM were contracted to monitor the bridge across the River Tees carrying the A66 between Stockton and Darlington during the construction of a new bridge alongside the existing one, the existing bridge must remain open to traffic throughout the construction process. Once the new bridge has been completed the traffic will be transferred to the new bridge in order for the old bridge to be demolished and a new bridge constructed in its place. Once completed there will be a total of six lanes with walkway and Cycle lanes.

This multi discipline job has both geotechnical and structural instruments for monitoring the bridge structure, the pore water pressure and the soil pressures around the bridge abutments.

The most cost effective, time efficient safety conscious way of monitoring the pillars located in open water would be to use our cable free monitoring system, enabling the sensors to be installed off a barge. The monitoring of the pore water pressure around the abutments of the bridge is carried out using heavy duty vibrating wire piezo-meters and the monitoring of the soil pressures is carried out using vibrating wire pressure cells, both types of instruments are connected to data loggers on each bridge abutment.


Above: Installation of Cable Free
Electrolevels from a barge

Above: Data presentation from i-site

Below: Installation of spade cell.

The data from the structural monitoring is downloaded using a direct serial link once an hour using our CF-Loggit software on a computer located in the site offices and the data from the geotechnical instruments is downloaded using GSM communications once an hour again from the same computer. Once both sets of data have been down loaded it is then processed using our i-site software, with the computer being located in customers site office they have instant access to all the data.


Sensors Used: